Important Information

  1. All theory examination questions are of multiple choice format, and a pass in a subject will be awarded to an applicant achieving at least 75% of the marks allocated to that subject. No negative marking applies.
  2. An applicant shall be deemed to have successfully completed the theoretical examinations for the PPL or ATPL course when awarded a pass in all modules within a period of 18 months commencing from the first successful examination sitting. A pass in the PPL theoretical knowledge examination will be accepted for the grant of the private pilot licence during the 24 months from the date of the theoretical exam completion. A pass in the ATPL theoretical knowledge examinations shall be accepted for the grant of a CPL and IR during the 36 months from the end of the month when all theoretical exams are completed.
  3. PPL students can start radio-telephony and flying training before completing all the theoretical examinations, however, before the first solo flight, the student shall obtain a pass in the following modules:
    1. Communications
    2. Air Law
    3. Radio-telephony (RT) Practical
    4.English Language Proficiency Assessment
  4. Before commencing with Navigation solo flying, a student shall obtain a pass in the remaining theoretical exams.
  5. The ICAO English Proficiency Assessment consists of a short oral exam to demonstrate the candidate’s ability to communicate in the English Language. To date all of our students have done well in this assessment.
  6. Flying, Theoretical and Radio-telephony examinations are conducted by examiners authorized by the Civil Aviation Directorate.
  7. Course duration is subject to students’ performance, weather and unforeseen changes in the course syllabus.
  8. Radio-telephony practical training and flight training are conducted on a one to one basis and slots are scheduled according to the student availability. Full flexibility is therefore assured.

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